Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Laid back? Nope, we're moving on...

Salt Slush Team has been busy being for a couple of days, relaxing only. But still, our maniac master mechanic soul's has not accepted this nothingness. Therefore, we've returned to the workshop and made some useful stuff.
Once there was variable valve timing solenoids. Now there's just lids, made by Magnus. Why? Because we're looking for power and power only. Besides, Magnus is like a one man CNC machine.  
Tubular bells? Not really, but almost. Magnus and I have been working like plumbers in order to get the lubrication pressure sealed and drained. Successfully? You bet. Was it painful? You bet.
We all need support from time to time and so does our beasty boosted engine. A couple of drillings and treads in the already prepared engine block and et voilà, we're good! Modularity is magic! Salt Slush love it. 

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