Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The final assembly continunes. Sparkling parts in Sparkling cold waiting for Speed

Cleaning up workshops and buying cars are for sure fun, but as well distracting. The Amazon race car has to come together now. Not as a concept or a mock-up. This time it's to produce power and run. Gaskets needs to be in its place between surfaces, thread sealing should be applied where its needed, connections should be super clean and the correct torque needs to be applied to all bolts and screws everywhere.

It's a race car, but nobody wants to scratch painted parts and newly fabricated aluminum, hence...Be cautious!

Will we make mistakes? And destroy the finish? You bet.

Will we cry out load when it happens? No, we're Salt Slush Racing. We´ll just take a deep breath...
The amazing Tremec T56 Magnum is in place now with a redesigned and painted rear bracket. The transmission is here waiting for the marriage with the flywheel-clutch-bell housing. Yes, the break cylinders are installed.
The golden contribution from The Moon still wait for the steering column.

Fuel cell in place. Soon it will fixed with the steel straps as well. Just looking for some rubber isolation.
The turbo system. Assembled and disassembled a zillion times as it seems. But now even the exhaust manifold has got its stainless steel bracket boss in position and TIG welded to the turbine exhaust flange. It's now, finally, time to assemble the system with all the manufactured oil, water pipes, gaskets and brackets for the last time (before start-up, at least).
Outside the cozy workshop, there's no exhaust fumes, no heating fan, no coffee just a cold harsh winter. Luckily, we're not there.  
Besides, the aftermath of the disappearing 1 tonne frame building table, which served as host for various machines, has forced Anders to work with workshop mobility. Strategy: All machines should be possible to move to the best location and store them where there's space. Well, the milling machine is standing still.

Verification on-going. It's on wheels! Can we move it around? Yes. Is it still usable? Actually yes, the function is still there.
After Carina fixed some issues with the Ford 46 electrical system, she formed an aluminum circular (!) shield for her gas burner. Time for a WOK?

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