Monday, January 18, 2016

If there's a will there's a way. Suddenly there is... space!

Horror vacui. There's an inevitable force in nature that strive to fill up emptiness. We know all about it. This force is constantly giving Salt Slush Racing problems and challenges, which on the other hand boost our creativity. A painful and a wonderful thing, all in once.
So it appears. A new kid on the block. A charming new friend with a big heart looking for a warm place.
Oh, there's 1 tonne steel frame building table blocking our new guest? Shit. Anders and Kalle are here working with a problem that I'm very familiar with.
Magnus, who share the workshop space with Kalle is now in the shadow of a C10 copper vein. But Magnus is an understanding car guy. He knows about the general advice; don't start to argue, buy something bigger to compete instead. But where is the frame building table? Take a closer look and you'll find out.
Ready? No, we hade to start from the beginning again, since another back breaking bench was looking for a place to stay. Now we're good. For a little while. Perhaps.

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