Monday, February 1, 2016

Can't start a fire without a spark!

Even the best vehicles need some kind of electrification. 

A nice homogeneous mixture need a spark in order to burn and allow good times to roll. The Holley EFI system has been bought and examined and meanwhile it is still in its box, waiting for some voltage and a computer connection to appear, you can imagine thar we're in disperse and in need of a computer geek and a Master Of Electrons to help us.

As a stroke of lightning, he was standing there.  Per Andersson, the wizard of systematic approach to electrical systems and computers, determined and prepared for some pro bono work.  We're more than grateful. We'll try not to disturb him.
PA found old race car stuff which he had  built many years ago.
As a true oracle he mumbles for himself; -We can use this box, we only have to change everything inside.
  Meanwhile, at another side of the chassis, Anders is working with allocating the fuel pumps.
These pumps will soon be installed close to the tank.The main hose has already found its way in the left side member.

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