Thursday, February 4, 2016

The beauty of self medication ! ?

Self medication is not seen as a safe or preferred route forward according to science. Salt Slush Racing is not up to challenge this, but sometimes a "shortcut" can make wonders.

The last weeks including weekends have been very busy and full of things that just has to happen and work out, leaving no time and mental space to recuperate and to refill the joy and curiosity power.

Joy and curiosity power is very good and needed both during the work week and the weekends (kind of work also in the SSR garage).

What do you do ? Well, since we always claimed that we are in to cars instead of drugs and golf, which we see as examples of very destructive and dangerous habits, I had to find a potent alternative.

The normal and probably by science heavily recommended cure would be to exercise and practice yoga etc.

It is here we in the SSR team have the opportunity to reveal a secret and describe a potent alternative to the most powerful drugs, bad habits and most focused Yoga exercises.

Buy some new tools! Yes, that is what I did today, a pneumatic baby tiger saw and a pneumatic baby power file…. It only took a tour to Biltema. OK, I know, there are other more upmarket alternatives, but it works for me and just imagine if I would have been on to Snap-on Tools. Much more expensive, more like being on Heroin instead of having a couple of beers.

Here they are ready to use, Anders had bought some gauges (self medication) at Biltema before I went to Biltema, (Yes our Workshop is pretty close to Biltema)

Please be aware of that the dosage is important. To strong and you will find ypurself spending most of your money on tools and have way to little left for parts, ending up with only tools.

To weak dosage and you suffer the risk of destroying your "expensive" parts when using the cheap crappy tools.

Another perspective is that you seldom have any leverage from buying toy tools (Very cheap). What about placebo effect so far science have only seen some traces conected to surfing on tool sites and planing your upcoming tool purchase although degrading pretty quick if not turned in to action. 

Ready to work !

I think it's fantastic to have found such pleasant "self" medication compared to drugs, golf and other painful treatments !

A word of advice, sometimes excessive tool shopping can develop in to a bad habit, so please remember to ask yourself; 
 -Do I really need this tool ?

If the answer is No to many times, then look for professional help. Or try at least to buy cheaper tools without passing the thin line in to toy tools.


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