Friday, February 19, 2016

Sharp Dressed Man! Salt Slush take a first step on the Cat Walk.

It not only Sally. That we know for sure.

There seems to be a wish, even a crave, for old stereotypes to show up over and over again.

Since objectification affect both sexes these days, Salt Slush Racing is trying to help out with styling. A proper speed SSR T-Shirt make you feel self assured, fine and dandy. It will take you on top of things.

 Even though most of the team members has given up a model career in Paris...

...we still want to contribute.  Therefore we designed our four fast looking Tees.  Here's a selection of frozen fashion moments.
...when we´re under pressure.

...or being proud, but obviously objectified. spotlight with Bass, Salt Slush and Attitude.
Tees, Turbos and Team exposed.
 T-Shirt in the California sun. 
Carina, here in first generation Salt Slush Tees under the great wide sky.

To be continued...since the show must go on.



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