Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spare part from the Jaguar help us out.

Early on, the team scrapped an old rugged XJS Jag without engine in the search parts for our Amazon race car. We were in an euphoric phase. Looking forward

Step 2. The analytic phase. The sober phase.
First we looked at the Front end. Then we shelved it.
Secondly, the steering rack was under the loupe. Usable? Result: Dismissed.
But how about the oil cooler...? Nope, no chance.
How about the propeller shaft? Please... No. Negatory.

Then! Finally! We found a useful part! An oil hose bend, that fits perfectly on our modified oil trap. Again, happiness.
The reward for a weekends work. The hose.

In need for a Jaguar XJS front end? Let us know...

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