Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Turning, Milling, Suffolk lawnmower... Happiness!

We're tooling our way towards first fire (that is; a no-load start up) of our Volvo bi-turbo  6 cylinder race engine, that hopefully will provide us with 900 juicy horsepowers which  well make hearts pound and clear fearless minds.
I'm here turning off a couple of millimeters of the TVD to make it fit while taking a photo. Will this work?
Anders is meanwhile, making room in the bell housing for the crank sensor. Hopefully it's well attached to the milling machine...
Carina has a winter habit: Restore an old Suffolk lawnmower engine each year. That's her only hope when the garden is not good place to be. Here she's trying to get TIG welding support to fix a broken stud. Anders, who's a gentlemen and a TIG welder, try to heal the doubtful old part. As it turns out, in vain. To be continued...
But what the hell is this? If you can't see, don't worry. It's the result of a successful surgery. It's the modified TVC from the S80 and the oil cooler adapter from the 960 together, in harmony. Yes, we will change the rusty old hose...this is just temporary.
A small step for mankind, but a giant leap for Salt Slush. Like a spring flower,the modified Volvo S80 crank sensor in Volvo 960 position is towering, ready to measure the heart beats from our home made flywheel.  If it feels good?  Yes!

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