Saturday, March 19, 2016

Curiosity killed the cat! But not Salt Slush. We fell in love!

It was a sunny, but cold, spring day in Gothenburg today, less than one week before the Bilsport Performance and Custom Show. The get-to-together event in Sweden for creative people with taste for style and speed.

Under the sun, Salt Slush shivered seriously. How come? Well, today was the day when the team was supposed to take a critical look at Magnuson Supercharger kit, delivered fresh from Magnuson workshop in California. Outcome was not clear...and there's only a few days left until we're about to meet the masses...
Our motto; Good stuff need to travel in style. I'm here talkin about the Magnuson Supercharger, nothing else. So, we pick up our Ford -46 Coupe since I thought that old softly humming side valve V8 should soothe our slightly stirred up souls....  
...but instead Kalle and Anders got some exercise. Nerver mind why.
To the point. Inspection, Inspection, Inspection. The Magnuson Supercharger Kit for Corvette LS3 is on display. A coffee table decor made in heaven. Anders and Magnus are looking at details.
Magnus convinced.
How about Kalle? What does he think? Never mind. He's in love.  
Enchantment broken. Back to the race Amazon, The show must go on. Anders & Angle grinder in Service. Why? A packaging conflict needed to be resolved.
Kalle + Tiger Saw +  Determination  = Result! We're good!

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