Sunday, March 20, 2016

Big Game Hunting !

We have lately noticed new hang around in the garage that we don't wan't to become a team member.

The Garage Mouse !

He (She) was noticed yesterday under the old milling machine running for protection.

Immediately different tactics where discussed, …. all ending up with that we choose a conventional mouse trap spiced up with Kladdkaka (Creamy Chocolate Cake).  The collected experience summed up in that Cheese does not work, Smoked sausage is rather Ok, but nothing beats Chocolate cake.

There isn't a single mouse that can't be fooled with that.  

Chocolate cake is not the most healthy alternative.

No longer with us.

Just checking any rats in the Piano ? No everything OK !

In the Pick Up ? Yes but this is a good Rat ! A 454 !!!! 

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