Saturday, March 5, 2016

Furious Fueling on Sparkling Saturday!

The sun is not shining. There's no blue sky. Clouds are thick as mud. But we're on the move. Because we have a task, a mission. We're on the highway...well you know what I mean...

It's time for the amazing Gasoline, the ultimate Energy Drink, to arrive on the scene. Ready to burn in a furious flames.

All hands are brazing on.

Thunder and lightning lined up.

First cool with coffee...

...then, 10 minutes later...actively engaged. Why? Speed and Power get's you going.
Can we stand the heat and the pressure? Don't know, but we will measure. The old milling machine did what it was supposed to do and now the MAP sensor is integrated.

Do we have the spark? That's what we needed to find out. And yes, we've got it.
But how cool are we? Good question. At least we have one hell of a cooling tank.

Johan is trying to grasp the size. It's coming to him. He will understand.
Meanwhile, in another part of the workshop, Tapio, the blacksmith to be, is forming steel leaf from chunks of metal. All good and now it's Sunday.

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