Sunday, March 6, 2016

Oops we did it again…..

As a natural step in the debugging process, leakages has to be found and handled.

So what do you do ? Full speed ahead! Fill up the tanks, water and gas!

Background: The big buffer tank for  engine cooling still sits outside the car, but connected with nice swimming pool hoses. Fuel system is connected but not yet tested.

So again, here we go...what could possibly go wrong.
Gas system fully set up and ready to run, just fill up the tank and be happy.
Or not...
What do you do ?  Stop the flow in a very simple but proven way, with a finger.
Here's Anders when stopping the gas from ending up at the floor! 
 Water tank all filled up and ready!  What happens ?
Yes, You guessed it! Has to happen..
Leakage ! 
Luckily, there's more fingers available.
Here's Ragnar when stopping the water from ending up at the floor.
Both Anders and Ragnar are very experienced, sophisticated and well educated, but still prepared to come to use in such a down to earth situation (dirt) in a very pragmatic way.
Håkan appreciating the all good help which stops the garage flooding.
Once Anders was relieved from the leakage situations by a permanent solution 
he and Cina went of to the city dump to relax.
Back in the warm and cosy garage in to the set up of the Holley EFI system.
An inscrutable universe.

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