Friday, March 11, 2016

Power to the People! Increase the boost....and your mind will follow!


Is it a Swedish family name?

Is it a furniture from IKEA?

No,'s a Supercharger Kit from the US of A .

Something that will make your Camaro, Corvette or C63 Mercedes engine pound like hammer, your senses go wide awake and the hair on your arm stand up.

To cut it short. A device sent from heaven...
The Magnuson Heartbeat.
Exploded view of The Piece of art.

The good news is....that...Salt Slush Racing will be able to display the latest and greatest  Magnuson Supercharger kits in addition to the Borg Warner EFR and AirWerks turbochargers at the Bilsport Performance and Custom motor show 2016 this Easter in Sweden. Come over and have a look at the stuff that makes you feel the pressure.

Weekend Word of Wisdom: 400hp is ok. But additional 200 to 400hp makes a difference. 600 to 800hp is better than 400hp.

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