Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Proud, Prepared and Powered up for a Speedy Eastern!

At this time of year, people relax in the spring sun, sleep, eat egg and lamb and enjoy life...which means...being bored. 
But, luckily there's at least one alternative way to spend Eastern in Sweden. Go to Bilsport Motor Show in Sweden and talk about engines, Turbos and Superchargers with Salt Slush Racing. Energizing and exiting and relaxing at the same time in some strange way. 
Yes, we will bring our Land Speed racer and yes, we have moved forward since you saw it last time. We're  literally tooling our way bolt by bolt to the Bonneville Salt Flats and soon we'll be there.  Fore sure.
Salt Slush team with favorite pet in dark garage.
OK it's assembled, but how did we get it all together?
We had a short Fika in the blistering sun...
...before the creative assembly continued. And now it done. Is it? Well.., almost. 
By the way, I wonder if we can close the hood ? Never mind, charge air pipes are important stuff.

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