Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Headache, Cylinder head-ache!

To assemble a Magnuson Supercharger Kit seems like reasonable effort, changing the LS2 to LS3 heads is as well rather straight forward...but it adds up.
But here's my advice, when you're in the middle of the disassembly of the driver side cylinder head and reached the steering pump, take a deep breath, think about all the nice things that will happen when you will press the pedal to the metal in the future.  
During this steering pump concentration exercise close your eye and let your inner eye imagen a full load acceleration on Autobahn, a winding road...or...engage your virtual smell and let memories of fresh summer time tire smoke come to you. Then, all of a sudden, by pure magic, all four steering pump bolt are removed, without touching the ABS unit.

Passenger side cylinder LS3 head assembled. Driver side still suffer the LS2 head. Yes, a lot of torque (or angle) is required. A nice alternative to a boring Gym.
Carina is here working with the passenger side cylinder head.
Here we go. LS 3 heads on both banks. We're finally getting somewhere...
We're back on track. Carina is starting to read aloud from the Magunson Installation book again.  
LS3 head assembled. Relief. Clean. Nice.
No, we're not ready to assemble the Supercharger unit yet. But we were in need of a small reward...
While the Supercharger is in place, we use Magnus precision laser eyes to see if everything lines up correctly.
...and if Magnus happy, we're all happy!

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