Saturday, April 23, 2016

Heavy Metal and Maguson! Sunny Supercharged Saturday!

A good Saturday should be social, but not lazy. This was for sure the case in the Salt Slush workshop this weekend. Gear heads visiting, coffee consumed, stories exchanged, but as well a Supercharged atmosphere. This was what was going on:
Salt Slush Speed Division: Installation of the Magnuson Heartbeat on a LS2 C6!
Salt Slush Brake department: Apply Brakes on the Amazon Land Speed Racer!
Salt Slush Film Team: Make a film about 600hp Supercharger installation!  
Salt Slush Fork lift crew: Lift the steel table to new heights!

The Kit
The Corvette

Women at Work
The lift

Stuff that we might need...right side brake Amazon Racer

And the left stopper. Sweet as can be.

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