Sunday, April 10, 2016

To be on top of things...and open the gates to heaven! Or at least to air flow...

We said it before, but it's still true. A man gotta do...well, you know the rest. So, as we were heading towards Texas for a week of effortless vacation and a farmers tan, I thought it would be perfect timing to buy LS3 head for my LS2 C6 Corvette.

But how to get hold of these standard GM LS3 heads? eBay gave me the way forward; Freedom Chevrolet, an encouraging name totally inline with my wishes.  

I called these guys in Dallas...and let me try to summarize; I never experienced this type of service mindedness in Europe, anywhere, in any business at anytime. Why? You tell me. I don't know.

Nevertheless, cylinder heads, inlet rockets and raisers, all checked & delivered (Matt helped me to figure out which parts I needed for the LS2 to LS3 heads. All parts was delivered within 12 hours. 
The magical Mattias at Freedom Chevrolet in Dallas, the LS3 cylinder head provider. Service at absolute top level!
Like knowledge, a light burden to carry.
Heads in the trunk sometimes ok.
The size of these ports are so comforting. 
Obviously, not too big, since the reference can is only 12 fl oz.(355ml).

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