Thursday, April 14, 2016

Meanwhile in Salt Slush Workshop.

Team work....a complicated matter. If you're not working on the project you get bad conscience. But the idea with a team is that some should be able to take a couple of days off, while others are working. Which in the best of world means constant progress through small achievement every day. Order something, build something or design something, but keep things going.

This is actually what has happen, because...
...while some of us has been busy burning cheap Texas fuel and finding LS3 cylinder heads... 
 ...Anders and Magnus have been taking step by step forward and now.. Voila! tailor made low drag inner fender is in place and assembled.  
No chain is stronger than its weakest link. Finally, the drivetrain is complete. We can now sleep better at night. Torque can now flow nice and freely, from the Volvo N3T super duper turbo beast via the Tilton 3 disc clutch to the Tremec T56 magnum transmission which distribute the power to a Strange propeller shaft and the Moroso caps and finally the Currie 9'' rear end.
Feels so.. Good!

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