Saturday, May 7, 2016

Männer, Frauen und Motoren ! Salt Slush Style!

There's a general rule. First work, then a shower then a beer. This weekend we got it all wrong. Blame it on The Sun. When it finally appeared we were shock. And acted accordingly...

Salt Slush Friends, men (Mario) and women (Gitte) from Germany arrived, dressed up in their Sunday best.

No snow. Wok and Barbecue in T-shirts
Enjoying the last sun rays while sipping Mario's and Gitte's beer.
But there's always a day after...and today it came without mercy. Why?
Well, the Corvette C6 needed Supercharged attention. Note: The Cigars from yesterday's barbecue bullshit has turned into steel as we've moved on from dreams to no nonsense problem solving.
Carina focused. The castles from yesterday has returned in to sand and projects needs sober attention and disciplin.
The reward. German beer, Makers Mark and good friends and good stories makes you happy, but looking at this motor make you feel alive! Non comprende? Go back to Yoga mat!
We've talked about proper cooling. We've measured available space. We've been nervously  discussing overheating. Reason: The Amazon Land Speed racer is in need superduper coolant system and solving it ain't easy. But the here's the new cooler in place.
Any obstacles? Well, the hood doesn't fit anymore...
If we have a cure? Hell yes...Magnus has an angle grinder.
A small surgery and we're good. The hood and the cooler fits like a glove.
Meanwhile, in another part of the workshop,  Ragnar and the SAJO milling machine were silently humming the precision tone.

Step by Step, we're as well preparing for...yes...braking.

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