Thursday, May 5, 2016

Braking Bad under Pressure....All things considered.

 Yin and Yang. Black and white. If there's a force forward, then Newton, a brake or at least words of wisdom will obstruct.
Luckily Carina was not in to braking, at least not at this very moment as she was contributing more than modestly to the Magnuson + LS3  assembly.
Ragnar, a true fan of speed, was today working with counter productive activity as he was milling his way toward a prestigious stop to his Lotus Exige.
Anders, normally not a stopper, managed to assemble bearings, brakes & wheels to our Landspeed dream. Which means that we're closer than ever before to move the Hurst shifter in to first and let the good time roll. Our mindset and powertrain are ready for adventures and from now on we're ready for the consequences as well. Let the Tilton clutch grip...we're good!  
Meanwhile in another part of the workshop, Carina and I worried about the painfully empty LS2 /LS3 Corvette engine valley and how to work against all the stopping activity that was going on. How could we contribute?
Answer: By adding serious boosting devices! The Magnuson Supercharger fits like a glove and makes you think...Can boosting devices makes you happy? Right now, the answer is Yes! 
Engineering and design Merged in to Magic!   

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