Monday, May 30, 2016

Meanwhile in the Garage & Indy 500

As usual we have been taking care of business during the weekend.

Meaning handle the steady increasing flow of Turbo Charges which's creates happy people all over Scandinavia.

As Håkan reported earlier we had a shipment från Borg Warner so we spent the weekend unboxing, boxing, labeling take them to the Post office UPS etc.

Carina and I counting and securing that the right Turbo Charger is of to the right Customer

Since Business and Pleasure goes hand in hand we couldn't keep us away from the our cars Magnus is focusing on the brakes for the Amazon milling away everything that dosen't look like and land speed brake.

Determination , Magnus become a Terminator when he get access to Machine.

Milling by Magnus the Terminator.

OK what is Anders doing ? Well he is step by step helping the red Corvette back on track....
As You remember a couple of weeks ago a red Corvette that had been of the track came in to Anders Life.He is doing progress so far buying parts and starting up plastic repair.

Plastic can take all types of shapes, here the tailgate get some TLC

Plastic, Plastic and Plastic , Luckily Biltema is rather close 

Some New Corvette Parts Anders has been all over Sweden shopping both new and used parts to the Corvette so far only a pile of plastic after spending a pile of money.

Finally some word's about the Elephant in the room, Hakan where is He ? He is not in the Garage he is in US taking care of business at INDY 500................................ 

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