Friday, June 3, 2016

Indy, Indy, Indy...500!

What brings 350 000 persons together at one place, on one day?
Answer: Speed, Screaming Engines, Guts & Glory!

The nervous, aggressive, high reeving, turbocharged 2,2L 600-700hp V6 engines from GM and Honda are tensing the nerves of the crowd as the noise provides exitment and presence. Makes you feel alive.

And confident. Because you know that there are two, no nonsense EFR 7163 turbos in each vehicle, turbos that will survive the 800km of full load at full speed all along the race long track. Feels just fine to know that these ball bearing will keep on spinning and produce boost and SPEED. 
Indy 500: Speed. 
Indy 500: Speed
Indy 500: Party
Indy 500: Party

Indy 500: +350000 spectators!

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