Sunday, May 1, 2016

Shake It! You've got to shake it!

If you bought something old, built something new or borrowed something blue, you've got test it. Properly.
You can think, calculate and philosophize until your mind explode. But sooner or later you've got to do it. You've got to go for it, be prepared for the worst but pray for the best.
You've got to do a proper shake down, which means test the vehicle under realistic condition to see if it really work, or rather, to experience what doesn't' work.
Our Amazon racer will need a track, since full load (900hp), low drag and rather low weight and +200 mph testing might be inappropriate on public roads....
....but luckily our Ford 1946 just needed 250km (400miles) in 110km/h (70mph) to be approved.
Carina and I were mentally prepared to test the Ford -46 this morning. Tools were packed and the sun was shining. The start wasn't too good, but jumper cables and a Cadillac solved it all. Battery in trunk on passenger side is an advantage not only from a weight distribution point of view.
The motor was running and we were (not) looking for adventures, but we were at least heading down on the highway in the sun. As usually the nerves were all strung up first 20 kilometer, then we relaxed.
But suddenly! Smoke and lighting! Pull over to the road side and prepare for...but no, it was just a coolant spit out. Radiator was too full.
Again, head down on the highway...
 Still running fine 200miles away from home. Confidence is build up inside. Steering wheel grip is loosening.
Home at bay, shake down complete. Amazing...Indestructible.. Runs like a...

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