Thursday, June 16, 2016

Barn finds!

Procrastination and hoarding is not the reason. Instead it's the love of an old friend, a machine that has brought you to work or through the wilderness, a machine that kept your dreams alive, a machine in which you've spend part of your life.
At some point in time the old faithful wasn't suitable any more, but selling wasn't really possible. It just had to wait for a little while in dry safe barn... but half a year is very soon a year, then two and...
But suddenly it happens! The phone rang! The space in The Barn is needed for other purposes. For a couple of seconds you're in a state of shock. Then you realize that it's bound to happen, and after all, may be the sleeping beauty want to get out after years in darkness....
We saw traces of not only cats but as well car depression.  

Out in the sunlight without bursting. Long Sleek and Low and 472'. Whoa.
If the Cadillac started? Of course! Transmission? Working. Brakes? Not stuck.
Who's happy? Tapio!
My old ride a Loong Diesel Benz with ca 600 000km (375000miles) on the meter. If it started? Yes. Brakes? Stuck. Radiator: clogged. Other than that she's just it did not run as a Cadillac.. 
A Capri in need of TLC. A hopeless case? No way. A clean up (not only Wunderbaum), some minor rust repair, a roll cage, an engine overhaul and a EFR 6758 turbo and..and...
What's this? This is called gearhead exercise. Will get you exhausted and happy (if it starts). Which it did. Eventually.   
Maybe there a grain of hoarding involved as well? No, this is all valuable stuff. Invaluable if you ask me. 

 Everybody on deck. Everybody's busy?
Well, not everyone. This lazy little guy didn't contribute at all, instead he just stared at the circus. But just wait 30-40 year from now, then if he's lucky, he will be running around like a dusty rat trying to start up he's 2015 Barn Find Camaro...
All good ends good. Mission completed. Time to hit the road.... 

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