Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday again and a lot of happy people and cars

We are soon up for the big showdown. When the final question will be answered, the answer to all question. What is the best way to charge a Corvette? Pro Charger or Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger?

OK. We're biased and but as well pretty sure that Heartbeat is the solution for torque, power and smoking tires, we will evaluate this properly, facts will tell......

While waiting for the final verdict, I used my garage time to continue with the Land Speed Amazon racer's cooling tank, preparing pipes for welding and discussing details coupled to different solutions.

Anders is working hard with the red Pro Charger Corvette and his wrestling with all the plastic parts. It should fit but doesn't... try again...change...try again.... soon everything will fit like a glove. Anders is the guy who can fix everything, at least if it's impossible.
Ring corner 1: The little red Corvette with Procharger engine bay.
The Boost device 1.

Ring corner 2: The Yellow poisonous Magnusson Supercharged engine bay

Boost device 2 !
Hoops, what the...f... is this ? 
Well, Petter got his moped howling like the two stroke monster it once was !
How did he manage that? Well, here he is, happy and satisfied when gaining back 0,05 hp by cleaning the exhaust system
My Big Block C10 pick up shadowing Hakan & Carina's flathead 46 Ford and Tapios Lada 
Marcus (A British Tea drinker) passed by with his son and the happy family Suburban.
The Suburban expert's Hakan and Carina, inspected and test drove it. It was fully approved and created a lot of new ideas. Marcus got the explanation why it feels strange when engaging AWD on asphalt (different tyre size front and rear which has to be changed). The advice! Do not use AWD on asphalt it has to be slippery first. 
What now ? Alexander passed by with his latest (wife approved) purchase. Very nice and classy. Alexander and his wife have a strong Greek heritage, which explains Alexanders  obedience and very careful anchoring of every detail with The Boss (not Springsteen)
Very nice! But a little German? or not?'ll be the judge...?

Alexander have a wishful glance (stare) on the yellow Corvette. We who stood close could hear something sounding like ZO6, a namne not used by Porsche.

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