Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ain't no cure for the summer time blues...

The sun is shining everywhere in Europe, even Gothenburg got some dry days and all the city dwellers are spending their vacation with ice cream and sunbathing.
How about the Salt Slush team?  Let me try to explain...
Sometime we wonder
what we're gonna do
but there ain't no cure for the
Landspeeding blues.
The Lucky ol' Sun might shine, but the race car is howling for brakes.  
But how to soothe the souls of workshop warriors?
Well, coffee and milling makes a man feel fine...  
Magnus milling makes magic moments. Even if he's got to work late...
We all need to catch it if we can...and Yes! We can!
Racing heritage catch tank needs a location even if it's Sunday! 
Find place find space and be happy! 
Salt Slush doesn't need ice to keep cool, because we have nice looking front end and internal...sorry, inter...cooling.
But there ain't no cure for the summertime blues...

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