Wednesday, July 27, 2016

C10 TLC and issue management

Do you remember the copper metallic C10 that I've been working with? And eventually managed to turn in to a law obedient and tax paying member of the society. Do you?

Nevertheless, last week I've  been working with it  again, improving and solving a number of issues.

Issues like getting the AC to work properly with a new compressor, a new dryer and some essential O-rings from LMC trucks  located in the  US of A. Together with an environmental friendly (of course!) fluid and some leaks sealed at Herdberg Kyl and Service AB, ,Gothenburg the C10 is now cool as can be. No more sweat.

Another detail that has been a problem, is that I've hade a crave for a big block engine to deliver bang for the bucks which means big and effortless torque. Yes, it uses some fuel, so why not make it worth it?

So, l thought  let's spend some time and give it the carb service and  ignition overhaul that it deserves?

 The Carb is already at the work bench but I started with labelling all hoses and wires to not lose track when putting it all together again.
Let's be careful with the distributor and ignition cables...
The carb, a Rochester, together with its repair kit. I went over to Rogers Custom, a local speed shop and of course, they had what I needed at once !!!!
Similar to Noble Party, the table's set: New ignition parts and fresh hoses for all vacuum supply that goes in all directions.

New parts is always nice Mallory and Accel historic brands 

Old and new. The old wasn't too bad, but the new is new....  

The Ignition cables were old and dry. Should be fresh and juicy.

The remains. There will be no ceremony, no farewell.
The Rochester is now cleaned, made up. The choke is deleted and other vacuum devices as gone to where old Rochester goes when it's time.

The old spark plugs. Big gap, rust and brownish.

All in all, after some tuning (the owner in US had put it on a starvation diet) of the carb and ignition the song became completely new and much stronger. I now get a strong effortless grunt from the big block. I bet the fuel consumption has improved as well...

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