Saturday, July 2, 2016

Back on Track! We're focused!

We're now beyond the final TODO list. The Salt Slush team are now back in dream mode again. Where the mental life is all about flat surfaces, blues skies and a furious FAST experience. We all know that this will be coupled to tensed nerves and a new focused mindset. This Saturday we all felt the need to move on to the next level. 
Anders, aluminum and the machine. The front spoiler in creation.
Kalle, deadly determined to do deeds, while grinding his life away.
Spoiler? Yes, I think so....but let's wait for The End.
The engine cooling tank plumbing is in need of a steady TIG tiger. Anders thinks that practice make perfect. Maybe he's right...
Not perfect yet, but you can see where we're heading. But I assume... 
...expansion is needed to start with. 
A high cool place, close to the firewall feels like a good place to be in when you need to keep the pressure on the right level. 

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