Sunday, August 21, 2016

Big Wheel keep on turning; English Wheel !

Are we about to become a victim for our dreams...?

The answer is of course YES! But it happens in a nice way and it's been going on for a long, long time...there's always a new project or challenge to take on.

What started as a phone call and a question;
- Why not build a race car and became Salt Slush Racing?
has become something else.

As we started to promote and sell boosting devices to race and street cars suddenly we had Salt Slush Racing Speed Shop going.... and now...with a another dream...we're about to kick off Salt Slush Racing Dreamworks.....maybe you've seen Magnus weakness for charmfull machines... we might start to talk about Salt Slush Racing Engineering....

Don't hesitate about our ambition and determination to deliver and enjoy the SSR Amazon at El Mirage. But when the car is shipped to US, we need new challenges to survive dark Swedish winters and to avoid drugs and golf .

So instead of surfing the web and watching you tube clips, Anders and I took a sunny trip to Verktygsboden in Borås to buy an English Wheel.
On a mission sent out from the SSR World headquarter ! This is sunny by Swedish Standard.
Determination, determination, determination. Preparations are made.

For Salt Slush, the English wheel is like a dreamcatcher. We will see it every day and it will reminded us of the fact that it's up to you and yourself to bring the dream to reality.

We have a planishing hammer a bead roler and a stretch & shrink and...Anders bought some 1,5 mm aluminum sheets the other day. We're good to go!

Loading the dream catcher 

In Swedish, but still understandable. English Wheel for Professionals, 
On the other side of the package, you can read; Made in China.
Ahhhh the box ready to be opened by Petter and Anders 

Strong emballage ! Heavy as a lead, almost 160 kg.

We are of course aware of that there are high end tools out there, like Lazze tools but they are inside the US of A  and or outside our SSR budgets, so instead of waiting we thought; Let' get started! With something...

This is not a box of chocolate, this is a box of English Wheel. 
Petter and Anders are searching for all bits and pieces
Looks good for the esoteric few.

Boxes, Boxes, boxes and excitement!

Some Fika was needed 

Anders had made some dreamwork the day before we picked up the wheel. 
This is a paper bulb for the rear axle in the belly pan.
Step by step it comes together and by the way, a RAM Hemi pickup bed is one of the best work tables existing.
I couldn't help myself. When we were at Verktygsboden I bought an electric shear, not a fancy one, but instead something to get started with...

Oops! The English Wheel was delivered with bolts marked with strength 4.8, bolts like that are not to be found in Sweden, we start at 8.8 and take it from there. 4.8 are slightly stronger than cheese. Soft cheese.

Tada! Ready to be tested !
Ok. Let's get started.

And yes, of course, what we need is training, training and training on how to form metal.

But as always, we start with the skills we have and take it from there. We will learning visit some skilled people and discuss our dreams and learn more.

So, all in all, start to build your skill and use The Wheel in order not to lose it. The dream, The flow.

This is what Salt Slush Racing Dream Works is all about !

By the way, before Sunday became Monday, Anders, jack of all trades, master of some things, made the first part for the Salt Slush Amazon. We like it! What it is? It's the  aerodynamic shield for our rear axle that will be joined to the belly pan. Well, we needed to start with something.  
Dreams becomes reality day by day, step by step.

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