Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Nobel Art of debugging a Race Car.

Oil is dripping from a pressure connection, there's a pool of water underneath the vehicle whilst the engine control unit has lost the connection with the laptop. On top of this, there's no more coffee to feed the coffee machine, you've been working all day and the beers in the fridge aren't cold yet. 
Normally, this means that you're heading towards a, life sucks situation, but as usually, there are exceptions....like when all of the above is true, but there's a determination and a crave for speed in the air. Then suddenly, from nowhere...commitment and self confidences shows up big time.  
The sun is shining, a friend Salt Slush (P.A), Magnus, Anders and as well as the f'nk laptop are all aligned. When this happens, problems are evaporating like the budget in a race project!

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