Monday, August 8, 2016

What I tell you three times is true.....

The oil cooler hose talked to Hakan three times.

In an earlier blogg Hakan celebrated the completion of the oil cooler installation.
One part he didn't tell that clearly and precise about was his three times visit to Hydroscand.

They are very service minded and can help you with a lot, but that was not the reason why Hakan went there three times. He needed at least three tries to get one oil cooler hose to the right length.
With a slight worry that they would meet him with a too big smile, 
Hakan enters Hydroscand the third time with his hose.
The long shadow from him seems to follow him on a distance... 
not wanting to be a part of this third time. 
Oh, this could have been done in a more efficient way!
 like measuring there times instead of cutting there times...
The shadow has disapeared and is no longer with him....  
-You see it's still too long, Hakan explain s in a charmfull way...could you make it shorter...please...
- Is it the same hose again? the technician replayed.
- You have a lot in storage, Hakan noted.
Plenty of parts...
Cutting is easy, almost like measuring...
Clamping the new end on the hose.
Paying! Well worth it and a good see the remains of a big smile.
Now, on a normal sales staff level.

Hakan came back to the garage tried the hose .... and yes, it was shorter and closer to fit, but instead of cutting a forth time Hakan moved the cooler position. (In his opinion to a much better position). Hakan claims that he's an educated and experienced engineer, which is the case! But when it comes to the oil cooler hose, that's not what he practiced....but it was a fun day!

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