Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Beast is Getting Strong every day...We're on the move using a fast taming mode!

If  you're determined, and I mean really determined, you'll come to a make-it-or-break-it point. When it time to cut the crap and prove the concept. Big talk is over, the beer and coffee is consumed, it time to get going.  For Salt Slush Racing, this Saturday was the day.
Here we are. Focused as can be. There was silence in air. Rain was expected any minute and thunder could be heard from a distance. The  Amazon heart was pounding a somewhat uneven and the bare bone race machine was on the street. The oil and blood pressure was raising.
The first release from the cage (the workshop) under its own power.
First stumbling drive, very gentle and still very early tuning (almost no tuning)
Work has now started to move in to the next phase...the reach for speed

You got a first notion of the upcoming salt fever ! It's fantastic and no cure can be found.
Meanwhile, inside the workshop kitchen, while the exhaust thunder was roaring outside, Carina, (dresses in her Speed Shop best) and Linnea prepared  Dr. Mabuse type of food experiments which they tested on hungry, hard working (!) car guys. 
Remark: We're not talkin beef or burgers, we're talking Falafel, a medival type of vegetarian dish,
Kalle and the beast, happy as can be.
 Carina and Linnea tested the falafel's on Magnus. And yes, he survived, but he's more in to beef, burgers and bare bones.

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