Thursday, September 22, 2016

Free you mind and your Ride will follow...normally.

As we're now in the jump-in-and-drive-mode, with our Landspeed racer, I came to think about this amazing moment, when you after weeks, months, years, sometimes decades move your hand towards the starting key and seconds later you hear how the solenoid complete its mission and the engine magically fires up. 
Seconds after first start some weeks ago

With engine running on steady rpm, the heart pounding like hammer, the nerves tensed like piano strings and all senses fully alert you and your ride roll out from the garage/workshop/basement.

Every vibration is felt, every misfire is registered and the muscle control is close to perfect. The tip of the right foot keeps the engine at a nice rpm over idle while the same heel keeps vehicle from flying out on the street before you're in the mood for that.

Simultaneously, the left foot is getting to know the clutch force while the right hand desperately is working with the gear shifter. Who's driving? Well, that task outsourced to the left hand...

At this point in time, with the eyes like billiard balls fixed on oil pressure and coolant temperature, the nose is not used for breathing anymore its only there to register fumes from oil, gasoline (or diesel).

First 10 second is painful, the following 20 can not be described as relaxing either, but then, after approximately half a minute, with the engine still running, happiness in its purest form arrives. 

Peace of mind... while the road or race track awaits you.

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