Thursday, October 13, 2016

Constrict and Expand!

What does it mean to have two ideas at the same time? For Salt Slush it means to have full steam in on direction with the aim to take the race car out on the street and race track...while someone (Magnus) is blocking the hallway with a dismantled pick-up truck. Full throttle and full gas at the same so to speak. 
 Well, here we have an issue. The Salt Slush team is slowly, but safety, moving forward with the  Landspeed racer. It fair to say that this feel fine....but...there's always a price to pay. Which for us is our private car projects.
We have all suffered sooo much while building the race care. Or have we really? 
Fabricated parts ready to be mounted & welded to the Amazon. What it is? Solid brackets that will keep the water tank in place in an unlikely event of a take off. No, we have not glue everything to the wall...turn your screens 90degrees.
Oops. Ain't life a bitch? Conrod bearings are needed in all positions even in an old Chevy Stovebolt 6 cylinder. 
 Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Should I stay or should I go now?
Ready, Steady... GO! Magnus got The Power and dismantled the truck while Saturday became Sunday. And blocked the door to freedom for the Amazon. For a while...

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