Sunday, October 16, 2016

Make, Create, Innovate or Turbos, Trucks and Talant

Saturday in the Salt Slush Speed Shop. A nice, but busy atmosphere. Coffee needs to be consumed while stories and dreams from the past week must be told, then at some point the team burst in to creative insanity mode and move on with all on-going projects.   
Duty first. Turbos needs to be delivered to customers and retailers. Here Carina package EFR prototype turbos that will be a used for special built Rally application. 
Today's motto: Turbos to all, with taste for Tracks
Anders was showing off with really nice stick shift for the Amazon Landspeed racer, which we cannot drive since there's a pick-up truck blocking the workshop door.
One for all, all for one. Speaking of the plug that blocks the workshop. Here's the slightly surrealistic truck which is waiting for a new heart. Yes, I was pushing as well, but someone need to take the picture...
Chevy Stovebolt on pallet. Soon to be released.
Stovebolt 6 cylinder in the air. On its way yo a safe compartment.
Magic Manufacturing made by Man...
or rather...Ragnar restores.



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