Saturday, October 22, 2016

How to handle pressure, make a deal and pull the plug. A guidance.

The Salt Slush team is currently waiting for November 12th .Why? Well, it's the moment of truth. Will we need a new engine and a new time plan or should we grab the bottle and celebrate? That's the question. Meanwhile we're preparing in various way.
Let us show you how.
We need to handle pressure, and here we're talking about boost pressure and nothing else. Therefore Anders and Magnus installed boost control. The Pierburg boost control valves needs to speaks with our Holley system. Which is happening. And that is great. Frequencies and signals seems to be better than German, English and Swedish in this case.
As always, a facilitator is needed. 
But what is this? Well, simultaneously, 10 minutes from the workshop an important deal was sealed.
It was not a global peace treaty. No, it was only Cina that was in need of a pair of appropriate winter wheels since summer over and gloom is here.  
Happy but resolute in the cold rain. Yes, a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a small 5,9L V8, a significant downsize from her 454 Suburban. 
From Picasso to White Whale. Will we ever get access to the workshop doors ever again? 
Yes! The new Stovebolt engine howls like a hound, while the continuous cold rain silently falls. The plug is pulled and another magnificent Magnus moment makes us all in a good mood.
In addition...
... we're now able to hit the road. You know, like Jack.
Eventually, and yes, we've said it before, there are reasons to love Ringön, Gothenburg, Sweden even in bad weather.
Reasons: Creativity,  Creativity, Creativity.
All good things are three.

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