Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Winnie the Pooh dilemma.

Yes, we're like The Pooh Bear. Even though we haven't had too much honey we're still stuck in the garage because someone is blocking the door.
Meanwhile we're thinking deep thought, dreaming about new projects and order good stuff for our race car. This means that working with all details that will make our full load mapping flawless...and relax.
Driver seat position now fully verified. With Annika at the golden Moon Wheel we've now confirmed that the driver seat position is optimal. Car girls with modest length fits perfectly. We know from experience that car guys with not so modest weight also feel comfortable in this important chair.  Please note: Anders artistic stick shifter is in place.
Here we go again. The Plug. But we have to admit that Magnus is working hard to get this Stove warm.
It not fair to compare artwork, but wouldn't this installation serve as perfect stick shifter?

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