Saturday, November 19, 2016

Elementary, my dear Watson...

When the Salt Slush Racing team got together this Saturday morning they were looking for 3 prime suspects that they needed to find and eliminate in order to move on in their search for power and speed.

Therefore, they were looking for details. Because they know that the devil is there. They know that he's trying to stop them.

Hence the team made following announcement to ensure a successful troubleshooting.

Wanted dead or alive
The Leakage Troll.
The Coolant Ghost.
The Fuel Devil.
First suspect before judgement. Non-flexible turbo oil drains. Here pictured with hydraulic AN connections. What's the verdict? Make those drains flexible and able to cope with Heat, Power and The Movement.
Oil drain surgery on wood surface. The butcher, and The Turner are ready with their task. Next to enter the stage: The Welder. After the heat resistant flexible hoses is fixated, the  deal is sealed. No Troll.
What is this? An associated professor? In our workshop kitchen?  Yes, and that's ok, but it looks like he's trying to hide something... 
Sure as hell. I knew it. He's cooking, cleaning and dreaming simultaneously as he's trying to ger rid of the olive oil in the moped transmission. 
Back to our list of wanted suspects. Kalle found a way to drive the evil propensity out from our coolant system. Bleed it off. Let it go. Release the pressure. How?
Attach a bleeder with a non return valve! That's how. Ok, but what's happening here, in this picture? A tread is being born, that's what's happening.  How about the ghost? Eliminated. Busted.
 Anders pictured while looking for the holy grail. Really? Well, no he's looking for the fuel devil. What Magnus and Anders found? The suspect is still in custody, but we have reason to believe following: The fuel regulator did not provide correct fuel pressure when the turbos delivered boost pressure. Why not? What's the reason for? Well, there was a leakage on the boost pressure control side. Team effort: Air leakage sealed and fuel pressure deliverance confirmed.  Fuel Devil Disappeared and we're happy.
Another suspect? Nope. This is only Carin in the house of boost, trying to send power enhancer (i.e. turbos and superchargers) to people in search power. 

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