Saturday, November 5, 2016

Throw it out, Fill it up, Electrify and Adjust.

Friday became Saturday and the cold grey early moring slowly changed to cold grey rainy morning as the Salt Slush team got together to prepare the Amazon for the first real challenge. What challenge? To go south with one purpose only. To calibrate full load for the first time. 

The moment of truth is coming up, coming up like black or white, like peppar and salt, like Jing and Jang, like Clinton or Trump, like solid power level or hole in the engine block.

Today's scheme: preparation, preparation, preparation. Preparation for Power.
But first; as our race turbo and supercharger business evolves we need to throw out more and more pallets, package and paper. Hence it was time to visit the last chain in the capitalistic consumption cycle. The recycle resort. We're singing in the rain...

Salt Slush with friends are trying to fill up the coolant system with something else than air. No, it ain't easy. We had all hand on deck trying to such out the air in some way. At some point in time it felt like we were trying to persuade the air to leave the system with good arguments.
Mattias arrived. Which was good. Now it felt like we would outnumber the air molecules in the complicated coolant circuit  with engineers. But that never happened. Instead we outsmarted the bubbles and now we'll be cool. Or rather, the engine will keep cool... 
What I did? I adjusted the wastegate valves to a reasonable positon. Yes, we probably need to tighten theese more and yes, we most likely need hi-boost wastegate actuators when the pressure, heat and power is towering. If this happens, we're mentally prepared. We even have hardware to support.
An even and high voltage delivered to our high performance ignition coils would be nice during both engine calibration and race. Therefore, Magnus and Annika was concentrated as Cobras and suddenly; The altered alternator eventually did fit like a glove as it sits safely strapped with a rubber belt to the magnificent motor.
As the team went home to rest and relax,  Magnus had a Advance Design Moment....

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