Saturday, November 12, 2016

Sucess is counted sweetest by thoose that not (yet) succeeded.. or; We came, We saw...and...We have to try again !

This early Saturday morning, which was cold as ice and darker than coal, the team was ready to go searching for power. To go beyond the dark garage dungon, which we call home, to Olofström, a brighter place in south Sweden where the horse powers flows while the fuel is hardly consumed. But dreams doesn't always come true effortlessly...we've learned.
Arrival is nice. Especially since Hannes at Street Power in Olofström waited with open arms, open mind and coffee.  
Next step: Strap the beast to the machine. Hannes, the tamer, is working hard.
The Amazon ready to show its inner strenghts on the dyno....
But first we felt urge to make some kind of bass flute. 
Installed as can be. Ready to play its sweet melody.
Annika, Anders and Me. Focused on the job. But still, we failed. We reached nowhere slowly. The Old faithful cooling system erupted and after some minutes between 300-400hp, another oil dwell was found. 
The last supper? Nope, too few people, no Judas and no Jesus. Instead the Salt Slush team with friends, ready for next dyno run. Some healing and sealing and we're good to go. Again.

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