Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas - Salt Slush Workshop: 0 - 1

The bottle of mulled wine is empty. The ham and the turkey has passed through the digestive system. Wrapping paper of Christmas gifts is blowing in the wind.
A restless feeling emerge and the Salt Slush team knows that there's only one cure and one cure only.
Go back to the workshop, socialize, do stuff and get things done!

After a short and efficient Christmas break, the SSR team with friends gathered today and the task was clear...well... reasonable clear. Continue with the EFR 9180 turbo installation!
EFR 9180 compressor outlet cut off.
Anders, you better get this right!
Deed almost done!
Cutting, Milling, Cleaning. Surgery successful!
Aluminum V- band connection on a surface of steel. Worn steel.
Two needs to merge in to one and one needs to spit in to two. It's complicated, but we're back in to package, design and discuss stage. And some welding of course.. 

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