Monday, December 26, 2016

CFD = Careless Fluid Dynamics !

As Christmas Day became Boxing Day, Gothenburg was still silent, peaceful and contemplative. Only the wind was howling softly. Everything was still. Well almost everything...
There was still a small group of gearheads that could not cope with being inactive. Why didn't they sleep on the couch? No one knows and all the shrinks had a day off.

Here we go, Anders has made a 1 in to 2 tube and he's mighty proud. But we needed to understand if the flow distribution was correct. Hence we applied CFD. Therefore, Anders carelessly applies flow and Magnus check the fluid dynamics in an analog manner. Seems flawless.
Only science today? No, at one point in time, Magnus arrived, like Messias, with his arms full of exhaust pipes making use of his carry-wood skill.  
What I did? I worked on this...What it is? I'll keep you posted.

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