Saturday, December 10, 2016

Consume, Connect and Contemplate

A good day should have it all. But joy and happiness doesn't come easy. What I mean? Let me explain with some example from the Salt Slush Racing Workshop this Saturday.
To start with you have to contribute to the society. You must make sure to spend your money in order to add tax money to the system. How? By doing some shopping of course. It gives you a kick and helps to contribute to the eternal growth. A win-win concept. Here's Magnus in moment of true luck with his brand new Milwaukee angle grinder.  
A second ingrediens to be connected to a higher power and experience true excitement.
In these two pictures Magnus is Connected to The God of Speed as he and the Salt Slush team is checking that all oil leakages are sealed, the coolant system is sealed and the base calibration is ok
Still...Connected. We currently have the grace of God of Speed But for how long? 
No one can tell,
Then it's time to contemplate. Wise monks make wine in the mountains, while Magnus is concept phase creating magnificent streamline door openers. 
How a bout this?

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