Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Calling in the Cavalry or at least some methology

In an earlier blog you read about our planning work. This work has now been intensifed since we all of a sudden understood that 2017 is soon here and that's when we aim to send our Amazon to California , USA, for some first stumbling steps on El Mirage

We needed to create a plan and put some logic and stability into our way forward. How do you do that ? Well you bring in some of our day time skills, like project management from Volvo cars (the simplistic basic approach). Post it mapping... visualisation.. creating a platform for our doings. Marcus Percival, with a degree from Cambridge in Mathematical Science, at that time headed by Stephen Hawkings gave us a steady hand and stabil  academic foundation to our normally agricultural approach.

Top view, hmm do we see any patterns?

Not 50 000 feet, more 2 meters but, still a perspective. You need to take a step back, search for patterns and find way forward. Here Anders supported by Marcus starts to dig in to it.

Planning combined with checking the rule book.

Details are key, You also can see that we started to write a to-do list for what to focus between Christmas and New Year.

Magnus, the lawyer.

He maybe doesn't look like a Lawyer, but I warn you,  he is in to it... Magnus handles the most complex steps regarding all types of regulations and rules like SCTA rule book, Tax Authority, General discussions with the Police and Business partners. The master of logic, understand the wording, finds or block the loop holes as well as creating untoucheable set ups. 

Now we reached a level where we could hang it on to something .....we saw a manageable way forward, confidence increased ... My Model A .....worked just fine as a white board. All in all a very good exercise.

Here Marcus in steps carefully explain the theory behind chaos. Lets put it like this, we are rather easy to describe and use as a case in Chaos theory. 

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