Saturday, December 3, 2016

High, Low and Behold. Saturday night live from Gothenburg!

Saturday is as you know by now, the Salt Slush play day. This play day was cold and sunny with no rain and no snow and provided action and fun. 

Magnus were in need of support. He needed to decided about rims for his T 26 Coupe. 6" 7" or 8"?  Important stuff. Can't be ignored.
I used 16 X 8 for my 32 roadster. Hmmmmm is this Magnus size of wheel? 
Front 15 x 5 looks a little too fat..perhaps..or not?

The Fika discussion became real when Magnus asked for tech support involving a Tractor, a VW Golf and some other equipment.  Summary; my rims are slightly to wide ...

Oops! What's this? One more moped from/to Petters stable? Well, this two wheel contraption arrived on Anders Dodge Hemi RAM today. How to react?
Once inside, we revisited the Salt Slush race and create plan, which was needed since we aim to ship the car next year to US of A early spring 2017 and this means that we're in need for some serious planning ....
Håkan, who's in love with various boost devices, has just had a good discussion with one of our super competent retailers and therefore he's showing a + 1200 hp S400SX-E turbo which SL turbo in Värmland, Sweden has just ordered.
Meanwhile planning has reached a new and higher level. This means that the time plan could hang on my Model A Ford.

Just a couple of hours before the time plan was created, a man tried to buy my model A. In vain.
 I had to say no to his offer, since I was not prepared for a life without a Ford Model A. I guess (and hope) that you know what I mean.
Now back to the Amazon. Should we have a wing?... or not? Ideas, of  the SCTA rule book. Then again, ideas, discussions...
Watch out! Here's a trigger for a big time Othello drama! A Flymo lawnmower in a Suffolk community! Big warning! Salt Slush is normally in to Suffolk's, delivered from the small green island west of what we normally would call Europe. Yes, it hoovers above zeitgeist, close to the peace Ford from -46.
How about that?
Anders is working on creating a plastic windows mock up. Where will he end up? Stay tuned, or rather stay sharp, then we might let you know.
Exposed! Parts for my Coolant tank drama...solution coming up to a Ringö-theater near You! Soon!
Finally, Magnus Magnificent nailhead. Pictured when waiting for Magnus. Like a dog.
What is this? A blindfolded high speed beast? Or a dream? Or a wind shield wind mock-up? Let's find out. 
Visibility and transparty is king.
Passion, paper and performance. All in one.. 
Barbecue in workshop being cleaned.

Small engine division.

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