Sunday, December 4, 2016

Salt Slush Racing with a twist of Othello

Life sometimes offers situation were you have to make up your mind, hopefully in time to avoid hurting people and sensitiv souls. When it goes bad, feelings like jelaousy, un responded love, betrayal and sometimes even pure evilness surface.

What happened in the garage were that Håkan & Carina started to show interest for a new garden hero, A Flymo lawnmower the shortcut to gardening versus a Suffolk lawnmower. If you have some ambition with your gardening the Flymo rout is to short.

As you understand the Suffolk lawnmover went in to an emotional rolercoaster involving all of above feelings.

At the Fika we started to discuss dramas like Othello, Romeo and Juliet, short conclusion the same feelings and dramas that took place in Shakespeares most epic plays happened just in front of us in the SSR Garage.    

Extremely bad spirits and pretty tensed discussions started to be visible in the Garage. The Suffolk felt the intruder and started to create a series of protests in the garage. The welder behaved strangely, the compressor stoped.

The intruder ! The Lazy solution.

Taking a position in our garage rather provocative at least if you are a Suffolk.

The Suffolk behaved like a Gentleman, didn't create any visible chaos, more like British do it politely, in beaded in a series of polite wordings. To be frank a Swede finds it very polite and do not at all pick up the message. Besides of the red Carina has green and Magnus a beige.

The friends of Suffolk gave strong support in the debate, 
here the cultivator geting ready for som contribution, this one is pretty dangerous if it gets going.  

With almost no margin we managed to stabilise the situation The Flymo was moved closer to the exit door, not so warm and cosy combined with a statement from our side that no new premium oil this year ! No discussion ! it has to use the old black.

So extremely close, but we managed to avoid a classic drama worthy Shakespeare.

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