Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday morning coming down

As the fumes, dreams and castles from Saturday night disappears, the reality and actuals are back again as the steady rocks which our lifes are based upon.
Anders alone with the yesterdays' creation. Thoughts about next step is in the air.
Welding and Precision. Can they coexist? Can they live side by side? Or will it be like Hering and Vanilla Sauce? Both good, but hard to combine?
Well, looks like we have a combo. Brute force and precision in a heavenly mix. We're approaching the mechanical gods and from what I've heard, they are in close contact with Speed Gods...
But what is this? Is it a surf board? Or is it Workshop Endorsement pictured ? No, it's Ragnar that has used all sheet metal forming tools available to create firewall parts for his 2 stroke Saab.

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