Saturday, December 17, 2016

Working Man Blues!

It's  hard for laid back people to admit, but working hard does not only improve the GDP and bring wealth to the society, it makes things move forward magically fast as well.
In addition, what might be painful for some people, might keep other people from going insane, while some other people might feel comfort. Ain't life strange? 
Introduction: Working  life described in a Grapes of Wrath kind of style.
Back to Salt Slush Racing: There's a before and after. This is after, after we understood that we had to redesign. A new boosting system to avoid surge is needed. Pictured: the old one is gone.
To catch up, to get on top of things again and to find The Power everybody is working hard. The 6 to 1 twin scroll manifold is being created as you read the post. Magnus and Anders (and myself) are focused....
...fully focused.
Which means that the angle grinders are howling there monotonous song day and night.
Precision, Precision and then...Magnus. A mind blowing combination. Opposite Attract!
But what is this? A disturbing element? No, it's only Ragnar who can't help himself from working hard. Why? His old two stroke Saab needs a fire wall without corrosion.

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