Saturday, January 28, 2017

Let's be girlish !

Speed is addictive. Focus is king. Fear is real. Statements like these goes beyond gender and age. It's our craving mind that makes us move on and accept real challenges.
Here's a reference and inspirations for all speed freaks. Valerie Thompson as she's making 300mph on two (!) wheels.

Meanwhile, we're biding our time as we're mentally and mechanically prepare to be third time lucky and  wish for a reasonable peak power next Saturday as we approach the PRD chassi dyno in Gothenburg.
Cold outside and the sun is shining low. Our part load calibration doesn't really work as well at the full load mapping. But we're good and encouraged since we've felt the potential. Makes us cocky.
From almost the same angle and the same light.
Is Anders kneeling before the throne of speed to be? Or is he just trying to get the acceleration enrichment at part load correct after looking at log files and listening to my vague description?

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