Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Stress Management: Tool up and Turn around!

The Salt Slush Racing team is waiting and on the surface everything is still and calm. Just like before the storm.  To avoid thinking about what can happen this weekend, when we for the third time, will try to tune the Amazon Landspeed racer, we all work hard. But there are other ways to distract a worried mind. Here's some examples. 
1. Go to Ringön. Ringön is therapy, because there's no Therapist or Yoga teachers around. Instead it's a place to find your inner car guy or express your creativity. When you enter Ringön you feel at ease. 
2. Grab a beer or a cup of coffee and just look at naked Amazon as it's hanging in the air waiting for the chassi. The chopped top, Anders out-of-the-door exhaust hole and Magnus fantastic streamlined door openers, all makes you feel fine.
3. Make another technical inspection and conclude that the thermostat is now gone, the coolant tank and the electrical and mechanical coolant pump is now working correctly and nothing is leaking. Study for a while, the exhaust pipes that we've made for the chassi dyno, close your eyes breathe calmly and imagen the 2500-3000kg/h exhaust that hopefully will flow through these pipes soon.
4. Then there's always a last resort for stress relief. Consume. If you buy the right stuff it makes you happy for a long time. Look at these guys. What do you see? Yes, you're right it's Lathe Happiness in its purest form. How this happened? Well, Anders bought a Storebror GK 195 which does spreads a magic light over the workshop even before it arrives.
Even if The Lathe has not arrived yet, we're sure it will come. There are clear signs.
Hardware that we can look at, talk about and imagen the usefulness of.

With all these countermeasures in place we're all relaxed and ready for the next step...the mapping with the EFR 9180 turbo on the Volvo N3T 3.0L 6 cylinder.
Result coming up soon... 

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